Hi there! It’s been a long road to here, and the trip is just getting started! I wish you a warm welcome to this small Internet place of mine, where I’ll be leaving notes about the stuff from around the web.

So, what are you going to read here, then? I’ll probably be writing more about frontend than backend, but I’ll try to include a bit of everything. Also, there are going to be some tutorials published here soon – for those who are new to the web development, and for veterans of the Internet stuff.

Who is behind this Blog?

Well, it’s me, Tomo! Born in the roaring 90s, I’ve got into programming during my primary education. It was QBASIC that started it all, and I have no idea why did I have fetish on that all-black terminal. However, I’ve raised the bar high and went to Visual Basic, C++, Python and…then, I’ve discovered HTML and everything changed. To read more about me and how I got from being a regular kid to being a regular Junior Developer, please visit the About page.

Starting the Blog

The first blog I’ve ever made was back in around 2008, at one local Croatian blog platform. Blogs were like MySpace at that time in my country, and Facebook was still far from what it is today. The subject of the blog? I’ve had a pet Cockatiel and the whole blog (yes, the WHOLE TWO POSTS I’ve ever written) was about him, or her?

Anyway, the next attempt in making the blog was a more serious one. Back in secondary school, I’ve got into C++, but not all of my colleagues got into it well. That’s when I’ve said to myself: “Tomo, get those bullies some knowledge before they kill you for knowing too much.” (I’m not sure it was like that, but still…) This is when I made the all-new blog on the Blogger and it was nothing super special, but for me, it was a huge thing. It’s still alive, but it hasn’t been updated for long.

Welcome (again)!

The content of this blog is still quite modest, but I promise it will grow bigger and bigger, offering you more content than ever before! For that, I will also need your help. You can always tell me what subjects should I cover in my notes!

That’s it for now, but soon more notes will come! Feel free to stop by and find something for yourself when you get time. Cheers!

Your Thoughts

  1. Joan Lewin Avatar
    Joan Lewin

    Really liked the historical info, however, suspect your topics might go beyond my comprehension. Also, your intro is very well written. As much of my career involved writing and editing, I always read with a critical eye.

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