Lorem Ipsum generators that everyone will love

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. We have all heard of it. This classic dummy text has been copy-pasted many times by designers. It is considered to be more than 2000 years old, yet it’s still very common to see it around. Many people think that Lorem ipsum is used when no content is provided. That’s true, but the real reason is to make reviewer focus on design, instead of focusing on meaningful text.

These texts can also be fun! Why don’t we spice up our design with some creative content generators? Here are some of my favorite.

Classic Lorem Ipsum

The good ol’ lipsum.com is the default dummy text generator for many. This one generates original Lorem ipsum text, and it expands it further by using Latin dictionary with 200 words. Fun fact: the newly generated sentences are not gibberish – they are made to look like the part of original text.

Monty Python Ipsum

Get on with it! If you are a big fan of Monty Python like me, then you’ll find this generator quite amusing. The Monty Python Ipsum gives you ability to choose from which movie the content should be generated. However, be careful with this one – the are some quotes that are maybe too sassy for your beloved clients.

Dunder Mifflin Ipsum

That’s what she said! The Dunder Mifflin Ipsum is for those who work together with Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam and even Creed! This generator has an option to generate the dummy text by character you choose. So put some of that Kevin’s famous chilli on your design with this generator!

The Office Ipsum

Now, this one has nothing to do with the show. Instead, it has to do with daily office monologues that you can hear in the meeting. The Office Ipsum simply generates random office-job-related statements about marketing, cliets and workflow. If you want to raise a bar, try their client ipsum generator (on the same link). This one generates classic client feedback on projects that you do for him.

Hipster Ipsum

Just check the Wikipedia page, it’s hilarious in some way. If your client belongs to this group of people, fear not! The Hipster Ipsum will make him understand everything you want to show him.

Sagan Ipsum

The words of great Carl Sagan about our world and the space that surrounds it are always good option for a dummy texter, whether your client believes in astrology or Neil deGrasse Tyson. Try the Sagan Ipsum and make your interstellar client happy.

Star Trek Ipsum

You’ll never notice how many gibberish sentences are in Star Trek, until you do. The central bionic capacitor sounds like a great thing to explain your expressionist design. The Star Trek Ipsum will help you with that. It offers several options, like starting with the famous “These are the voyages…” line and ending with Borg’s “Resistance is futile” quote.

Bonus: Lorem Picsum

Why should we stop at words? The Lorem Picsum generator is link-based image generator that fills your placeholder with appropriate picture. You can specify width, height, seed and many filters to get that image the way you want it.

Need more generators?

Head on here to find more suitable generators. If you have any suggestions for a content generator (or have your own to share), please leave the comment!

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