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Why is Shopify such a douche towards Frontend Developers?

It all started in November 2020, when one changelog announced the depreciation of the Sass/SCSS in Shopify themes. It all becomes much clearer with a recent statement on their blog that Sass is going out. From the comments up there, you can notice that developers are [...]

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Pixel Perfection

Where did good old Pixel Perfection go?

There's always one client that mentions the infamous pixel perfection. By 'Can you be sure that website is pixel perfect?', the client probably wants to make the final product as equal to the design as it can be. The sad truth is that - there will be no pixel-perfect websites anymore in the world. [...]

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My First Year at Work – a Pandemic Retrospective

It was mid-September of 2019 when I've officially become a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (with a major in Computer Science, probably there's a little more on my About page). After the proper celebration and a small rest from three years of university life, it was the time to grow up and [...]

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Lorem Ipsum generators that everyone will love

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. We have all heard of it. This classic dummy text has been copy-pasted many times by designers. It is considered to be more than 2000 years old, yet it's still very common to see it around. Many people think that Lorem ipsum is used when no content is provided. That's [...]

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Dark theme with (S)CSS – the best way possible?

We see the dark theme everywhere today (although the light themes are not that bad). If you have a dark mode set, then you are probably seeing this web in not-so-bright light. There are lots of ways to implement it. Many people suggest having different stylesheets for different themes. [...]

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Light theme for code editors is not that bad

Saying 'I prefer the light theme' to your fellow developers is like saying 'I prefer Chardonnay' to your alcohol rehab group. It's a sin to them at they will have that face that says 'Hideous!' each time they look at you. You are going to understand them, as you're a minority here for sure. But, [...]

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Tomoweb Promotional Image

Welcome to my all-new Blog!

Hi there! It's been a long road to here, and the trip is just getting started! I wish you a warm welcome to this small Internet place of mine, where I'll be leaving notes about the stuff from around the web. So, what are you going to read here, then? I'll probably be writing more about frontend [...]

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